Anandpur Sahib (Gurudwara Takht Sri Kesgarh Sahib)

Anandpur Sahib Gurudwara

“God is everywhere, you need to believe”

The specific quote is ubiquitous in all the religions of India. To seek the blessings of God, I thought of getting some feel of the Gurudwara. The reason to choose Gurudwara is, that I am living in Punjab and secondly, I just believe in an eternal god, irrespective of religion. I believe in Bhagwan, Allah, Waheguru, and Christ.

So to explore the beliefs of Sikhs, I planned to visit Anandpur Sahib Gurudwara, also known as Gurudwara Takht Sri Kesgarh Sahib. The plan suddenly came up in my mind when my colleague Parvinder Dhanjal asked me to visit the gurdwara of Anandpur Sahib. So if someone is invited to travel, how could I deny it?

So I planned this Sunday morning. The start was heavily chilled as it was the month of December, still, I started towards Garhshankar to pick up Parvinder from his home.

The start of this motor ride was smooth, and by 10 am I was at Parvinder’s home. He was almost ready to be my companion for this travel journey. In 1 hour we reached Gurudwara Takht Sri Kesgarh Sahib.

The area was full of devotion and the breeze of calmness surrounded everywhere. So we tug up our heads with handkerchiefs available at the entry of the Gurudwara.

So the interior area had a bit of a crowd but not like the crowd who were always in a hurry, they were calm and waiting for their turn to enter the sacred Gurudwara to take blessings.

As always, these sacred places have camera prohibition, so was not allowed to take pics from inside but that doesn’t matter now when you are deep into the feelings of the devotion of some spiritual eternity.

The faces of people who came out of the gurudwara are having a beautiful glimpse of happiness. The families were doing some photographic sessions which is common in this camera mobile phone era. I also helped a few of them to take their good photos which they can show to their families.

The Gurudwara was totally white and in bright sunlight, it looked beautifully glowing. The view of the small city of Anandpur from the gurudwara was top-notch, so we both sat there for a while to get a feel of the energizing beauty.

After spending time in the calmness of the Gurudwara, we started moving towards another nearby destination Virasat-e-Khalsa, a museum dedicated to Sikh history.

The first impression of the museum was WOW. The exterior architecture was very creative, but to enter the museum we had to wait as there was a huge queue already there waiting for their entry ticket.

Soon in a small expanse of waiting, we got entry into the museum. The building was really huge with stone stone-based exterior and multiple water pools available which increased the look of the museum to another level.

After much exploring and appreciating the exterior, we moved towards the interior of the museum, which showcases a huge 500 years of history of Sikhs and Khalsa.

The pattern of the museum was in chronological order which is beneficial to us who want to learn from history.

I can say that after having a complete trip to Virasat-e-Khalsa, I can say that I know how Sikhism evolved and their beliefs of caring for humanity spread worldwide.

It’s been an honor for India to have a religion like Sikh which spreads happiness worldwide and supports people who are in any problematic situation.

So after this beautiful trip to Anandpur Sahib, my mind and soul both were in a pleasant mood and it was like I didn’t want to go back to my location. This place inspires me to get involved in public serving activities so that both humans and humanity can evolve.

Now it 4;30pm and we both have to leave as tomorrow it’s our office day for corporate slaves. So we took my bike and rode to first Garhshankar to drop Parvinder at his home.

While returning Parvinder told me that his mother cooked Makke di Roti and Sarso da Saag, which is a famous meal in North India, especially Punjab, but to the lack of time and it about to be dark, I had to apologize to him, and promised him that will surely have the same cuisine with him in future someday.

By this, I said bye-bye to him and moved towards Hoshiarpur. This trip taught me that it’s not religion that separates us, but it’s the wrong thoughts. All humans are the same, only religion is available to give us a pathway to live for humanity, rest is all we know that this world is up to.

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