Mcleodganj 3 “The Dhauladhar View”

Love is a strong feeling of affection from inside of our hearts. It is the warmth and tenderness that is generated when one gets healed due to something. Sometimes love is defined as a magical feeling that one experiences seeing the second person who gave butterflies in the stomach, other times love is the feeling believed to exist between humans and God too.

But who says that love has to be within the two souls only? While having a street view of Mcleodganj, I fall in love with the artistry of the place, several stylish things were displayed all over.

The cool breeze, the skyscraper deodar trees, the twisting roads, people’s smiles, and the Buddhist monks, all made me filled with intense feelings. I was sensing myself so energized, so vibrant, all driven by the splendorous place.

After enjoying the drizzle of the Bhagsunag waterfall and gaining the eternal peace of the Dalai Lama temple, now came the time to dig much deeper into nature. I, with my friend Deepak Sharma, rode to the outskirts of Mcleodganj.

Within a few minutes we reached a beautiful lake, Dal lake, totally in the lap of the alps, behind the shadow of deodar forest. The lake water was serene, the view was giving peaceful vibes that were striking our bodies, our souls. I just felt to ignore all other sounds but the flowing air and chirping of birds.

The clouds were covering the top of the trees as if an Indian bride is shielded by her veil. As the charm of newly wedded is incomparable, so were the white covers at that time.

Beauties of nature are unlimited. But unfortunately, the modern man is too engrossed in worldly pursuits that he has no time to listen to the melodious song of birds, the moving of the clouds majestically across the sky, and the dancing winds.

After letting the light of these fantastic views into our eyes, as keen observers, we moved further with a thirst to explore even more.

Nature is a stockpile of beautiful things. Only we need to open our inward eyes and ears to appreciate it, gain it and rejoice in it. Leaving behind our world of anxiety, we reached Naddi, a kind of road trail to enjoy the sublime sights and sounds of nature.

The top of the peaks was cloudy white, nothing was visible. We waited for a while giving chance to ourselves to be fortunate enough to see what was hidden behind the clouds. But saw nothing, quite disappointed.

Then soon the whiteness faded away, the air started clearing off the vapors, and the great mountains of Dhauladhar appeared in front of us. These beauties please us not only at the moment of seeing but they continue to thrill us even afterward.

The proud mountains stand under the clear sky with patched clouds somewhere, teaching us to be firm. The view was astounding. The houses were nanoscopic to see. Some parts of teeny-weeny grasslands were also seen.

Only a simple heart can enjoy the beauty of nature, It was the time for the sun to set and dim the light as if giving rest to the beings and organisms who were working the whole day. The orange was trying to overcome the blue, and the shades in the sky started taking forms. And soon the darkness overruled entirely.

Ingesting all the luminance in our polaroids, we returned to the main market of Mcleodganj. The radiance of artificial sources of light was stunning in our eyes.

We stroll the streets of the city, admiring the lifestyle in late hours. The place was very colorful with vendors selling balloons. A large throng of humanity could be seen dressed so gaily. Edibles things were being sold, and toy – shops were there.

Ice cream parlors were crowded with children. We too had softies to feel the taste at the hilltop. The shops with Tibetan craft articles were stealing away the show, the wind chimes, and Fengshui was being put on display, in the glare of red mercury lamps.

The woolens were arrayed beautifully in colorful threads. Soon we felt hungry, so we decided to eat “Thokpa”, the famous plate in this place. It’s a kind of veg/non-veg soup with noodles and vegetables, very toothsome.

After all the adventures we had in Mcleodganj, we intensely fell in love with the place. It was time to say goodbye but goodbyes are not the end. They just mean to take care until we meet again, and so was this beautiful place. I would love to tour it again if I ever get the chance. The green foliage, the dancing daffodils, the flowing wind, the rough track, and the rockiness of the place has magnetized me, thus influencing me to hike the nature of Himachal again and again.

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