Triund 2 “Finishing Touch with Trek”

Don’t listen to what they say, go see

The above lines are from a Chinese proverb that really matters for the life of corporate slaves like us. It signifies the eagerness for a traveler to yo not just listen to what everyone say about something, but to see what it really is.

The eager for to see things led me to bring to the Triund trek. As per the previous blog, I explained how I planned to visit this bit extreme exotic travel destination.

Not it’s coming to be the morning after Diwali night, and I am eager to check for the sunrise in the sky of the mountains. So I woke up at 4 am. I think hardly I slept for 2-3 hours in the tent with double sleeping bags. I just came out of the tent and saw a pitch dark sky with lightning stars.

The view of Paramount movies coming into my mind what the silhouette of mountains with the stary clouds of the milky way showing their presence. I was the only one who woke up so early.

Just sitting outside of my tent and watching the eastern horizon with a slight glimpse of orange hue showing the place which was supposed to be the place of sunrise which was about to happen in the next 3 hours.

Waiting for sunrise and horizon view passes my hours in moments. Now it’s around 7:15 in the morning and people are gathered out of their tents and trying to get higher position so that they can view and capture the moments of seconds when the little glimpse of sunrays converted into a huge light ball of fire.

The view was so mesmerizing that will not be forgettable for the next many decades in my mind.

Now it’s morning and the crowd who came last night started to pack up for returning back to Mcleodganj. But my plan was as the quote says, to go and check. So the next target was to reach up to Lahesh cave. Ranjit helped me to get a guy named Suraj, who will be my path maker and companion for the full day.

We started early from the Triund camping area and started walking towards Snow Line cafe which is located near Snowline Laka Glacier.

The path was full of amusement of treks, maybe because it was my first trek or maybe it’s really beautiful. In the pathway, we met with many shepherds with mountain goats.

The route was easy till snow line cafe. After reaching snow line cafe I really regret not doing some extra hard work and doing a night camping at Snowline Cafe.

The mountain view from this area was showing the hugeness of the great Dhauladhar mountains.

We both took some tea and Maggie noodles here, not much as the more tough trail is ahead.

After taking a rest of around 30 minutes, we started moving towards the next course of action. Now the path is glacier level. As this is no month for snow, so the view was totally going to be dry.

Vegetations ended till Snowline and slowly the mountains filled with fauna now became the mountains filled with showcasing stones.

The path is now not advisable for fun, as it’s a glacier area where you have to jump over one large stone to another to move ahead. The path felt like trekking but my guide Suraj is with me for path exploration so I didn’t feel any issue in moving ahead.

As Suraj is a local boy so walking fast like him sounds impossible to me, soon he got disappeared into the mountains, so I tried calling him loudly and he came back in the next moment like he was playing hide and seek with me.

Now at the end, there was a steep climb of mud and rock, where I had given all my camera luggage to Suraj. I started climbing along with him and he guided me to place my feet on strong ground. Fear was into my feelings as a few feet fall under me.

Soon after a few minutes of the struggle of climbing, I felt an inner feeling of getting certified as a mountain climber and started fantasizing about climbing Everest, but the breathlessness reminds me of my real condition.

Soon I reached a large rock placed at an angle over a few side stones, which makes it a cave. Suraj told me this is the place where trekkers and local shepherds at night. I was again going to the fantasizing mode of the scene on new moon day with stars over this location. We stayed there for an hour to get the feel of the location.

There was a small waterfall nearby but it was beyond my reach, so we planned to return back to base Triund camp.

In the middle of the path to return I found Mohit Pawar again, but this time for the first time I was able to visualize him in daylight.

As time passes we also reached the cam site and without wasting much of our time we started declining towards Mcleodganj for initiating our way to our home.

So this is a wonderful experience of My trip to Triund and its Beyond. Hope you like this and I suppose that again will provide my experience of travel via my blog site.

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