Chandigarh 1 “Rock Garden”

Fragrance means a pleasant smell that holds the happiest nerve of our brain and stimulates the sense of happiness.

Petrichor is so pleasurable that one wants to taste soil for a second. The earthen pots with this stress-relieving perfume arrest the visitors in their beauty. Rocks do give a scent that is far away from any ill-suited things.

Yeah, this time I had an opportunity to visit the famous Rock Garden of Chandigarh. The mosses on the rocks were giving them the beauty that one tries to find everywhere but nature.

The greenery, the statues made of stones, pebbles, and cracked pieces of marble, were making a captivating view.

The development of Rock Garden was secretly started in 1957 by Nek Chand. Later, he was awarded Padmashree.

The garden is made from waste products but is very artistic.

As we entered, there were pots stacked together, giving a marvelous view of the pattern and its shadow.

Waste ceramic electricity plugs are used in building a wall which is again a fascinating view in phase 1 of the garden.

As we moved further we rested under stone shelters, stylishly made, even the stone passage gave an attractive view preventing the people from taking a halt and yes, the rock-strewn old walls can’t be forgotten.

There is an artificial waterfall looking like a palace of old times. Again an appreciable beauty to the tourists.

The put-forth shoots on the way along stone walls were making the path all the more rejuvenating.

Live young pigeons flying in the air in the arena of the garden were giving a tinge to the beauty of the Rocky Garden.

The ruins of the old forts were giving a thought of the kings’ times, the tombs, the ruins of the marbles, all affix to the charm of the enormous garden.

Soon I came to the final phase of the plot, the sculptures made of waste materials.

This is the real attraction here for which people from different parts of the world make efforts to visit and seize this wide range of assets.

Stones, ceramics, glass, bangles, and many materials which we generally throw in our trash bags, was been used here to make these splendid sculptures of humans as well as animals.

The eyes of the rocky dolls seemed so real as if the sculpture has put life in the stone as if those pieces of beauty would pop up in the next second and might talk to us.

On all sides, there were models of different patterns, in different poses, animals like monkeys, horses, camels, etc. That day I realized that nothing is garbage. It’s just our perception to see things. Sometimes a good thing can be looked at like waste and sometimes waste looks like the most expensive thing in the world. This place was completely the best product out of waste.

After the last phase, the journey to the lanes of beautiful fragrant rocks came to an end. I left Chandigarh, hoping to come back again to go deeper inside the city to explore its beauty. At the end of the day, the decorative effigies, the incense of the soil, the natural beauty, everything was fringed in my camera.

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