Talwara “Town Exploration”

“Jobs fill your pockets, adventures fill your soul”.

It is a quote that has a lot of meaning. We have all done our education and running towards getting a job and want to succeed more and more in it, in return we also expect more and more incoming finances to our pockets which will in return runs our family.

But does this filling up pocket the only thing we need? Those who were reading it may understand what I am talking about.

To explore my life and check what more I can do with my life, I on an official weekend, visited Talwara to meet one of my ex-colleague Amit Sharma.

I reached Talwara at night and reached his place. I was welcomed by his family. They gave me a delicious dinner. After dinner, we all went to sleep because, in the morning, I and Amit were planning to explore the Talwara and help me get some good photographic shots.

In the morning first, we planned to visit Pang Dam which is also known as Beas Dam, as it was made on the Beas river and created a water reservoir named Maharana Pratap Sagar.

While we were riding over the road bridge of Pong Dam, the water view was fabulous. As photography was not allowed there, but still I clicked a snap of the water reservoir which was on security prospect not very critical. But I will request all other photographers not to click pictures of any security-impacted areas.

As my friend’s father is having contacts in Pong Dam, so we were lucky to have an inside visit to Pong Dam where we got to know the process of Hydel Power generation. As the dam is a critical security area so photography was not allowed inside the dam.

After Pong Dam, Amit asked me to visit another small dam known as Bawanza Gate (52 gates). The name itself specifies it for connection with some 52 gates. and yes it is a small dam with 52 openings for water dispersal.

The location was fabulous, and also had beautiful structural sights for capturing on camera. The shore with green vegetation covering the whole area is relieving the eyes. I and Amit both spend some time enjoying the fresh air breeze of the location.

The round stone at river banks always fascinates me due to its shape. The smoothness and shine soothe us with lots of emotions.

After spending some time at Bawanza gate, we moved to our last location in Talwara, as it’s now noon and the sun is about to start for decent.

On the scooty, we started our next ride to the top of the hill names Hawa mahal of Talwara. The pathway was more and more greener as we approached the top of our destination.

Hawa means air and Mahal mean mansion. So the Hawa mahal of Talwara is in some sense a mansion of air, so it’s on the top of the hill.

The whole Talwara region can be viewed from the peak. The breeze, the misty sky, the moving clouds, and nature itself is the most relaxing thing to be enjoyed at that moment.

So these are the feeling and emotions connected with me while taking a small one-day trip to Talwara. So quote by which I started my blog now felt true. Talwara may not be a very famous place but the sense of adventure to explore the unexplored filled my soul with joy with peace which no other part-time or full-time job or even money can achieve.

I know it’s a bit philosophical, as due to money only I was able to plan this trip, but these adventure trips are needed in life to fill the other half of your soul and balance the mental peace.

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