Damsal Dam “To catch the sunrise”

Damsal Dam

It was a cold morning in Punjab when I and Ramesh Sharma, who was my colleague at International Tractors Limited of Hoshiarpur, were eager to capture and breathe in front of sunrise. So a day earlier we got to know about a remote location not much farther away from Hoshiarpur called “Damsal Dam”. The location name at first sounds charming but none of our contacts have visited that place till now.

So we were only surviving in the morning chilled atmosphere while riding on the bike. The road to the Hoshiarpur city area was well-lit with street lights, but as we proceeded more toward the outskirts, the pitch darkness of the surroundings created a scary feeling. As this is just 2nd day after Amavasya, so the dark vibes are obvious.

While with the help of Google Maps, we were now in the middle of a straight road, with both sides heightened trees and far away a tiny white dot came into our visibility. Soon the white dot looks like a human figure, and in this pitch-dark aura, the expectation of a human figure is very low, and at the early stage, we were trying not to think of it as a ghost. As soon as we came closer, the human-like creature is not showing a huge white beard and mustache. We were very frightened, but now there is no option to stop and turn back. So we moved forward with a shiver, but as we came near to that creature, it was an old age man with a Sikh turban, and having a white mustache, and heavy beard, riding a bicycle at opposite late. That moment was a feeling of relief to both of us and we were laughing at each other for thinking wrong of the ghost.

So soon in the next 15 minutes, we were at the location where Google Maps was showing the Damsal Dam. But as the surrounding was pitch dark so we were not able to judge where the Dam was. And also there was no one nearby whom we could ask.

So we waited for some time with our gears, so that we could have a little moment of a small hint of the orange aura of dawn so that we could understand where we really stood at this point in time.

Soon in the next 20 minutes, the pinking sky was visible and finally, we got the light of an angel who could guide us on the path toward the sunrise point of the Dam.

After waiting for the next 15 minutes, the moment finally arises in front of us. The most awaited sunrise of 28th May 2017 is in front of us. We didn’t have perfect words to describe the perfectness of the beautiful view enclosing the horizon of a small green hill and orangish background with the sparkling water having sprinkles of the visual of the fresh sun.

We both were just standing still to feel the warmth of the fresh sunrise.

I recently purchased a Tamron 70-200mm lens, which was waiting for the opportunity to capture some brilliant shots, so I started portraying Ramesh for the silhouette shots with sunrise and many different angles.

Slowly slowly the sun started to increase its elevation so that it could shower its power of warmth to the whole earth. And now after some time with the sun and having some photographic gossip with it, we ended our small trip to the unexplored location.

Obviously, this a very unplanned and unorganized trip but, this short trip allowed us to meet with the dawn in its true form, which many of us are unaware of.

With lots of memories, we again headed towards Hoshirpur city with the smallest but sweetest adventurous ride of my lifetime to Damsal Dam with lots of emotions of horror and sweetness with us forever till eternity.

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