Prashar Lake “Water over the Mountain”

The best dreams happen when you’re awake.

As a resident of Hoshiarpur and a traveling enthusiast, I always tend to me inspire myself and my colleagues to travel to those places which are meant to be explored or need to visit at least once in life.
This time I inspired Sandeep, Sumit, and Sachin to accompany me on my traveling expedition.

We planned to Prashar Lake trip. Prashar Lake is one of the highest lakes over the mountain with a floating island, which changes its position over the year. It is said that Saint Prashar used to meditate here and so this was named Prashar Lake. It’s about 230 kilometers from Hoshiarpur.

I hope the above knowledge can be easily be accessed via Google search. But the experience can only be discovered by the words of the traveler.

On April 2nd, 2017, which was a Sunday, a weekday for corporate slaves, tried to explore, so planned to leave Hoshiarpur by 4 am in morning. We started our journey in the darkness of Punjab’s morning. As Sandeep having a professional driving skill, we touched Una at the first ray of sunlight.

We took some tea breaks so that our bodies can be energized for the next course of action. Soon as expected after crossing the mountains over mountains via the hillside roads, we approached Mandi, which is one of the largest districts of Himachal Pradesh.

The well-settled city of Mandi is on the banks of the river Beas. The stream of the river with the glowing city under sunlight is a different level of charm.

My friends were quite happy as they were traveling with a travel photographer for the first time, so their expectation for the best self-portrait was too high. And obviously, I exceeded their expectation. I know if any one of them was my boss then after this trip pictures, he can give me a double promotion in the coming financial year. But that’s not the lucky case for me, so I continued to explore and capture new snaps.

From Mandi, the trip was getting rough. The roads were not proper which can be easily driven by a driver like me. But Sandeep as a professional manages to cross the rough patches.

Soon we reached the parking area of Prashar lake. We parked our car, and move ahead to get the first glimpse of what we always checked in Google images.

There was a bit of trek to reach the lake, as we all know that, To achieve something, we have to do some sort of hard work, so its a type of hard work which Prashar Lake want its fan base to do before entering the vicinity of the lake.

The first look of the sparkling water under the sunlight can be compared with the satisfaction of getting a huge treasury. The floating island is at one of the corners of the lake. The full lake is surrounded by a fencing wall, as the authority didn’t want any risk situation by common frustrated man.

There was a temple of Saint Prashar, which was mostly made of wood and the art is of Pagoda style. The temple was constructed by King Ban Sen in 13 to 14 century AD.

Irrespective of the historical knowledge stuff, we all started exploring the wooden temple, which was a masterpiece of one of its kind. The design pattern was ancient, and the art is forgotten in the transforming culture of urbanization.

There was Yagya Kund in front of the temple, from which smoke is seen, maybe some scheduled worship processed for god.

As a traveler, covering the temple is not a bit time-consuming so we started climbing the nearby peak, as we try to get a better pose of the beauty of Prashar lake.

At peak area, the breeze was somewhat blessed with joy. My colleagues were just enjoining the weather, and as a photographer, I was enjoying the locational beauties to fill my eyes with tourism love and the memory card of the camera.

We enjoyed the hill peak location for around 1 hour. Then we started covering the whole Parashar lake periphery.

Seriously, Parashar lake is somewhat to be captured in the bucket list of every travel enthusiast or explorer.
After undergoing this marvelous viewpoint, we planned to move back to the place of our life, where we work to earn so that we can continue our journey of travel throughout our life which is very small

The above lines seem too much coincidence for the life of a traveler. I was a traveler want to stay awake as much as possible so that I can experience the world more and more in a short life span. This journey is also an influence on the same thing.

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