Kasauli 3 “Gilbert Trail”

Nature is an integral part of our lives. To appreciate the blessings she bestows on us, we need to observe them very closely. And therefore, we planned to hike Gilbert Trail and fetched some unforgettable parts of our mother nature.

During our exploration of Kasauli, we also headed our way to Gilbert Trail. It is a few kilometers of nature walk above the high mountains. The beauty of nature has been extolled in the works of poets and artists. When Wordsworth describes the daffodils dancing in the breeze, our hearts are filled with an indescribable emotion, but this place was where I was feeling complete; collecting everything in my eyes and camera, I was like- greedy to steal the most expensive thing in the world i.e. nature.

I wanted to keep the prettiest of the pretty flowers, the greenest of the green leaves, and the brownest of the brown rocks in my eyes. The power of the real thing is like this only. 

The cliffs were covered with green sheets of grasses and trees, skies cloud all over, and we felt pensive. Our eyes were never so relaxed before as they were at that time.

Soon we came to the initial end of the Gilbert Trail cliff, I used the term initial end because there were more termination points of that crag beyond which only some people dare to go.

Daringly we went forward. The colorful flowers all around, though lack fragrance, made a sensational view. The bushes, acting as a cover to the flowers, seemed a viridescent path to amble on.

As we probed down into the deep gorge from that high peak, we found nothing but ourselves in the lap of snow-white clouds. The feeling is unexplainable. The emotions are just peculiar. The hypothesis is all undefinable. 

Just like in any game we are given a few chances to attempt and try our luck, similarly, those condensed watery vapors were giving us the chance to catch the vegetation, which people living there do, in our polaroid.

We both were using our shutter release button at full speed so that we might not miss any crucial view.

Some people consider this ridge as a lover’s point, and others describe it as a suicide point, but for me, it is more than these small things, it is a creation of mother nature. It is that stress-relieving place and a box full of medicines which we humans nowadays, search on the internet to get instant relief.

Hikers were seen relaxing among clouds, in between the vegetation, relishing in the hands of originality.

Besides all this fun, we were overwhelmed with the enticing sight of Kasauli. The dried tall trees were positioned in such a way that they were supplying us with energy to stand erect in the chilling weather, as if delivering us a message that nothing can stop us, not even the extreme conditions, from giving our best out of us.

The small, deep-colored huts were offering a pleasant view. The twisted artificial paths made through the mountains were proffering a kind of jerk inside our bodies.

In the final touch, I just want to say that this place in Himachal Pradesh, is worth visiting, especially if one is a nature lover, green–lover, and yes particularly for those who are all tired from this busy world of technology and science. Nature here is in its full bloom, the weather, the foliage, the blossoms, the skyline and can change you completely, your thoughts, and your way of perceiving things. 

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