Mcleodganj 2 “Dalai Lama Temple”

The presence of God is a huge controversial agenda for centuries. From the history of human civilization, we have been listening to stories of the existence of the almighty power. But some among us, are atheists. Anyways, what I feel is whenever we go to any religious place, a different type of energy flows in our bodies, weighing us to believe that there is something that rests in us and among us, the presence of eternal power. As I saw the statue of Buddha in the temple of Dalai Lama in Mcleodganj, similar confidence in the existence of God appeared in my mind.

After feeling the drizzle of the Bhagsunag waterfall, it was time to move to another beautiful spot in Mcleodganj, The Dalai Lama Temple. The lighting of Diyas filled me with positivity and energy. The glowing wicks of those diyas (Oiled Lamps) filled the place with positive vibes. The luminescence was cutting out the bitter cold thus providing us with warmth and verve.

It’s a marvelous example of architecture, a huge place of worship in the lap of mountains, surrounded by beauty all over. The entry gate was loaded with a monument for Tibetan nationals which looks nice as a landmark. The carved gates give a grand look.

On the premises of the temple, there was pin-drop silence. I could even hear my breath over there. The silence aspires to Buddhahood. The hospitality of Buddhist people is great. They take care of each and everything. As I entered the main hall, there was a huge statue of Gautam Buddha. The rainbow body was just striking the eyes with a wow. It was like one can live his life doing nothing but watching the shimmer of Lord Buddha.   

Although the beautiful miniature things were kept there, still my eyes were staring at the Almighty. The blaze and the glint of the place is beyond praise. The expensive paints used for giving originality to the effigy gave life to the stone. The minuscule drawings and coloring to make – up the figure is worth appreciation. The tiny decorative articles were elegantly set up thus, giving a wow effect to the visitants.

Few other figures were arresting the people in their glare. The color combination, the design, the carvings, the jewels, everything was gaining compliments.

I took a few clicks of the place, And return to the side corridor, met a priest there, quite aged, took pictures with him, and then started exploring the quad.

Similar to other Buddha temples, there were prayer wheels. In Buddhism, rotating this prayer wheel has the same enduring effect as that of reciting the mantras orally in Hinduism. The wheel is rotated in the clockwise direction with the right hand.

The tranquillity of the place is praise-worthy. I noticed a room where people were lighting the diyas kept on a table. It left me in goosebumps. The mellowness and the serenity of the place stole away my heart and mind. I do not want to leave the place ever.

In the corridors, pilgrims and monks were playing with animals which injected me with interest to capture the moments in my Polaroid.

For monks who were living there, had an open facility for night stay, looks a bit rough but when you are in the home of God, you should not think about facility and class. Everything in the world seems equal to them. The beds were pleasantly prepared.

The view from the balcony was awe-inspiring, the clouds covering Mcleodganj, the blue sky in between them, the vegetation, the colorful huts, and apartments, all added a pinch to the scenery.

After getting relaxed for an hour we decided to conclude our pilgrimage and compile the moments, not as an end to my travel, but again filling up my body with new strength and energy to go on a thrilling hike again.

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