Palampur “Fragrance of Tea Garden”

We are like Tea, we don’t know our own strength until we’re in Hot Water

The beautiful lines are somehow predicting the value of humans, in whatever profession they are engaged in. We humans never estimated the real power of ourselves as like tea in hot water, we humans in the perfect environment or perfect surroundings.

To explore my strength, on the 11th of September 2016, I planned to visit a place by which I can connect to the above quote. Yes, I am going to visit the famous tea gardens of Himachal, Palampur.

Palampur is around 132 km from my current residence of Hoshiarpur of Punjab, and these 132 kilometers are not straight 4-lane highways, it’s a hilly circuit.

So I started my journey at 6 am from my residence. This is a season of monsoon, so I am aware of the rains which might affect my trip duration as well as the photography equipment I am carrying, so a set of raincoats is a must.

The morning breeze is a bit cold. Not comfortable for all riders, but I like it. I have been riding my Honda Dream Neo, which is till now my best companion. The engine is small 110cc but it supported me in all aspects of my riding.

Till the sunrise, I rose my speed to max and felt a cloudy sunrise at Bharwai. Obviously, I hadn’t taken any food from the morning, so a breakfast break is a must now, so checked a Dhaba on the route and relaxed my body for around half an hour.

Whatever trips I have done earlier, Google Maps always supported me on all routes irrespective of any type of terrain. SO Palampur is on my destination list. The road to Palampur is something every bike rider has to experience in life. The large teaks, the clouds dipping the mountains, the sharp u-turns in every kilometer, and the feeling of adventure with goosebumps for a glimpse of the destination.

At approximately 10:00 am, I am getting small visibility of tea gardens at higher grounds, not visible from my road level. So with much more excitement, I have moved further to check what I am destined for today.

Till now I never understood that green color is the most eye-relaxing color, but today the color not just pleases my eyes but rejuvenates my soul. The green color of tea farms is superb.

The tea leaves just look similar to it look in the images I have seen earlier in books and Google. The aroma of tea leaves is all around. The wanderlust of my inner self is asking me to explore more of these famous tea gardens of Palampur.

The views everywhere are just green. No other color is available in this part of the planet. And now I can realize that green is really a color which relaxes the eyes in all aspects.

One aspect is relaxing the inner muscle of the eyes, which leads to no headaches. and secondly, it gives a feeling of freshness and divinity to another world.

Maybe in India, there is always an internal cold war based on color which in turn converts its aspect to religion. But here I understand that green is superior to all other colors in the perspective of the eyes. That is also a reason that surgeons always wear green aprons while doing surgery.

This green color generates a balance of peace in our minds which no other color can do it right now. While traveling for around 132 kilometers on a bike, it is a human tendency to get tired, but with this 100% availability of a green environment, the tiredness didn’t get a chance to evolve further.

So now is the time I need to move further and travel further to explore more of the region near Palampur. So after enjoying this color debate with green and losing with checkmate by green, I started my journey further which will reflect in my next blog.

So, this Palampur will always be there forever in my heart for the views it provided me and made me realize the green color effect on my eyes and my life.

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