Mcleodganj 1 “Bhagsunag Waterfall”

A cascade of water falling from a height is no less attractive than a beautiful woman to a man.

Isn’t it? Well, the answer will get clear at the end of my description.

I got an opportunity to admire a torrent, the famous waterfall of Mcleodganj, Bhagsunag Waterfall. The day was August 20th, 2016. My friend Deepak Sharma visited me from Delhi and he insisted to visit some places of natural beauty, particularly the mountains. So we planned to pay a visit to Mcleodganj. The amusing part of our trip was, that we rode on our bikes, thus enjoying the frosty weather.

We woke up in the dawn hours at around 3:30 am, dressed up quickly in excitement, and left Hoshiarpur with our backpacks by 4 am. The early dawn hours are worth enjoying, adoring the sunrise gives energy, and dim street lights make the way appear all passionate. Soon the artificial lamps betrayed us as we were to climb the hills now. Now only source left was the headlamp of our bikes, the only source of navigation. Again it was giving us a drop of memory to add to our diary of moments. Mounting in cool weather is lovey-dovey.

At around 5:30 am we saw rays of light emerging from the east, probably a ray of energy for us at that instant. The view got cleared, the path was visible, the temporary source of energy had then changed to permanent and the fear of darkness vanished exponentially. The sky was crystal clear, the flora was blooming all over. The green and blue took over black in a few seconds.
We crossed Gagret, Mubarakpur, Bharwai, and Dehra. Before reaching Kangra we saw a rail bridge. It looked like a scene from any 80’s Bollywood movie where mountain shooting used to take place.

After taking a few deep breaths in the Kangra valley we continued our journey, crossing Dharamshala, a hill station, we finally reached Mcleodganj.

We took half an hour to rest in a guest house to freshen ourselves for further exploration and yes, to feel the drizzle of the waterfall. In a few minutes we reached the parking of Bhagsunag. There was a hillside trail that leads us directly towards the outpouring.

The skies full of water vapors were playing with our vision. At one time the far-off peaks were visible and in the other second, it was just white all around, totally snowy. On the trail, we felt a buzzing sound, which amplified as we moved forward. The vibrations of the water striking the pebbles were felt from a distance itself, much before we got a glimpse of the huge chute. That sensation made my body feel from head to toes.

As we went near the fall, the mist of water wet our clothes. I tried to step inside the aqua, but my nerves froze at thinking so. The thought of wetting our legs refrigerated my movements, still tried to feel the frigidness of water with my fingers, but I was unable to control myself. I wanted to catch hold of that inexplicable beauty.

There we also had some snacks. The water falling with speed, striking the stones, the vibrations made by the strokes of water, those ripples buzz in my ears to this day.

I was not contented with this much. So while heading back to the parking slot, we saw a banner showing the way to Shiva Café. In a second it was decided to go there.

It’s an extraordinary café made of stones stacked one over the other, its location was right above the Bhagsunag Waterfall. The view was astounding, and perplexing and the beauty is just unfathomable.

Our eyes were demanding more, so we move ahead of Shiva Cafe along the canal which ends in Bhagsunag. The flowing water was all the more breathtaking.

There I saw a stone on which a face-like structure was engraved. It looked amazing, distinctive but I wondered why I didn’t hear of it from local people before, might be they were still unaware of its existence, as that place seemed to be abandoned by people.

Soon it started raining heavily so we were forced to wrap our accessories and move back to Shiva café. We spend an hour there and waited for the rainfall to cease. In the meantime, we had hot tea and it proved sheer in that weather. The rain is located bloom to the greenery of the area.

As the rain took a breath, we quickly left for the temple, Bhagsunag Temple, after which this place is named. It is known as the Shiva temple and there is a pool in front of it where people use to take bath and have fun.

My trip was a very exciting one. You can call it adventurous, as I enjoyed nature in full zenith. The local people, tourists, sudden-changing weather, flora, skies, mist, and sparkling water left an imitation on my diary of memories.

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