Baijnath Temple “Shiva’s Adobe”


The three words that give the Hindu tradition are the icon of the creator, modifier, and destroyer. The lines are for Lord Shiva who is one of the greatest gods of Hinduism.

As a legacy of a Hindu family, from childhood, I had a deep understanding of worshiping Lord Shiva. So this time it is a moment where I can express my travel on the scope of meeting with lord Shiva.

After completing the Tea Gardens of Palampur, I had sufficient time to explore furthermore on the road ahead of Palampur. I rode to cross the gardens of tea, and after around 20km of riding covering the beautiful glimpses of the great Himalayas, I reached Baijnath.

In India, you always feel the same essence near every religious place, especially temples. The fragrance of dhoop, the scent of different flavors of scented incense sticks just poured the atmosphere with the feeling of divinity.

This scent will influence anyone to get the blessings of the Lord for taking a moment of peace in life. This fragrance was obviously due to the nearby presence of the Bajnath temple.

Baijnath is a town in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It was built in the 8th Century by two local merchants named Ahuka and Manyuka.

The beautiful architecture is Nagara Style, which is a famous Hindu temple architecture and is found in many temples across India.

I parked the bike in parking so that the purpose of my visit is completed and I will get the chance to see the great lord shiva.

The outer part of the temple is covered with properly maintained gardens. which is definitely helping the periphery of the divine area rich in natural oxygen, but this is Himachal, the Dev Bhumi. These mountains on all sides with loads of forest itself made the air the purest one.

With all the devotees, I entered the temple, with lots of happiness to see my Lord. The priest was worshiping Lord shiva, and helped the other devotees to connect with the lord and transfer the blessings of Lord Shiva to their devotees.

The view of the vicinity was marvelous, and no one can raise doubt about that because this was Himachal, The Cloak of snow.

After spending an hour, I thought of moving forward to explore more as the travel expedition never stops. There is always a new place ahead of you waiting to be explored.

So this is the small pilgrimage trip to the Great Lord Shiva’s home, Baijnath.

Om Namah Shivay

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