Kangra 2 “Bajreshwari Devi Temple”

Some people say God is everywhere, some say God is a myth or in fictional stories only, and few say God is a unity superpower that controls the entire universe. Maybe all are right or maybe some or maybe everyone is wrong. But the main question is, do we need to believe in God? Is it necessary to believe?

The answer to all is whether we need peace of mind or not. This is a digital age; people work 24 hours to reach their life goals. But at some moments​ they feel something is lacking in their life, and that is Peace of Mind. Whenever we visit any nearby religious place after a hectic day strange energy just energizes our body from inside.

Hoping it’s not any hypnotizing agent used by those places, but after sitting there for some time we all feel that there is something that is pouring life into our body just to do another shift of work with the same power with which we started before.

So to feel peace of mind, I visited a temple named Bajreshwari Devi temple in Kangra of Himachal Pradesh after exploring the astonishing beauty of the Royal Kangra fort. After visiting that phenomenal fort, my body was aching. So I need to relax somewhere. Then I came to know about the Bajreshwari Devi temple from the local folk.

soon I reached there and made my mind searching for the fountain of peace so that I could rinse my body with it. The temple entrance was not much mesmerizing as I was expecting. It was a small gate with the name of the temple written in red paint over the orange cemented gate. The gate was quite not maintained properly for days. There were posters on the gate, some of them are torn which was giving it an ugly look. The entrance was not attractive enough.

But as the search for the fountain of peace of mind was rising so I had to put my first step inside the gate.
The whole path from the entrance to the temple was full of shops, and the shopkeepers were just chasing us so that we could buy some stuff to carry to the temple and they could earn from it. These are small businessmen and women who were selling goods for worship to earn their food. It might not enough for them but it’s life, people have to survive and let their families survive in this nasty world.

Soon we reached the temple entrance. A lion statue welcomed us. Lion is the sidekick of Goddess, which we can see in all temples of Goddess Durga. It is the symbol of power, confidence, and dignity.

In front of the temple, there was a pillar with footprints of the goddess. As in Indian culture, we respect our elders by touching their feet, so the feet of elders and god are to be respected by every means. The footprints were covered with flowers and people are touching them and taking blessings from them before entering the temple.

AS soon as I entered the temple, I started feeling light and stressed free and the fragrance of dhoop, the sounds of bells, and the background music of prayers were creating a breath braking effect by which any normal human being can be hypnotized easily and will flow with the devotion of the god forever.

I was about to reach the same. I tried to control it but I couldn’t as the breeze was full of devotion. As in these temples, photography is prohibited inside, so I was not able to shoot any pictures of the Goddess, but it’s a surprise for everyone who visits there.

The temple was gigantic with a white-colored top. Under the blue sky, it looked fascinating. The crowd of people was rushing to the temple just to take a single glimpse of the great Goddess and save the imagery in their hearts. According to Indian culture, a single glimpse of God can make your life fulfilled with happiness. Till now I don’t know about my future, but presently I am having a pleasant time.

The vicinity of the temple was religious. The fragrance of Havan Kund was making me feel the existence of the holy spirits and I was taking shelter under the grace of God.

The banyan tree was full of knotted red color cloth on it. The belief is whenever you wish for something from God and you tied a red colored cloth called Chunni, the wish completes. Don’t know is it true or false, but if people are happy with it and there is hope for their wish to come true, then I will promote this tradition.
After visiting this temple, I felt that whatever a few people are bragging against God. But God is not to just create discrimination between peoples, god is to unite peoples.

Like our government is divided into various ministries with the central government on one side and the state government under it, so that it can handle the large group of people efficiently. Similarly, God is there with numbers so that lots and lots of people get hope to live.

God is not only good but it’s a symbol of hope, it’s the reason we are together. Some people are using the name of God to fight with each other. But think about what God wants. Does god want violence? No, not. Whatever entity our so-called god is, god always wants people to live happily and prosperously. It gives people strength of mind so-called peace of mind by which we can fight any targets of our life. Peace of mind is the only thing by which anyone comes to a religious place, the reason behind is still unknown but if anyone needs it, the place we know.

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