Jwalaji Devi “Blessings of Flames”

Focus on the journey, not the destination

After the destination of Rock Cut Temple of Masroor, now the journey moved ahead for one of the Goddesses of Himachal, Jwalaji.

As the sun is about to reach its full potential, the energy is drained to its fullest. Took a light lunch at a roadside food cart with some local cuisine, which felt great for the hunger scenario.

Then again with the start of a single kick, the bike understood the feel of travel and starts accelerating. The whole scenario was awful, and the travel imagery will always remain in my mind with a special place.

The bridge passed over the Beas river, which soon gives a serene view of Maharana Pratap Sagar, one of the biggest lakes on the Beas river, due to the creation of the Pong Dam.

With a run of approximately 50km in 2 hours, finally, the visuals of a temple are visible. The devotees on the path give a clear signal for the destination.

Soon the sound of bells and the fragrance of dhoop flooded the inner self with peace. I parked the bike and started to move ahead to the temple via stairs. All around there was a fragrance of devotion, a theme of spirituality.

As a temple campus, the crowd was there but the aura of god makes us feel just the feeling of peace.

Soon I reached the location and stand in a small queue. The queue is small may be due to the off-season, which provides me the benefits to get a glimpse of Goddess Jwaji without waiting much.

Jwalaji is not any statue, its beams of fire coming beneath the ground, that’s why “Jwala” means fire names came. The history details are available on Wikipedia. You can check that out.

The temple was created by Raja Bhumi Chand, as it is one of the fifty-two Shakti-Peeth. It is said that the tongue of Goddess Sati’s body fell in the location named Jwalamukhi, after her death, and flame came out of a rock.

The cameras were not allowed inside the temple so I just took the privilege of the pilgrimage memory by my eyes and the explanation of my writing only.

Inside a priest was standing in a deep pit, in which flames are coming from the walls of the pit, which was very strange. And any strange thing which is non-understandable by the logic of science is always an act of God. So I enjoyed the glimpse and took blessings from Goddess Jwalaji.

Now the sun was preparing to set, so I was also preparing to reach my residence in Hoshiarpur.
The one-day trip to Masroor Rock Cut Temple and Jwalaji just filled my heart and mind with full of joy and gave me a great meaning for the initial quote of the write-up. I just focussed on the journey, not the destination, but this doesn’t mean that you will not get anything. This deep focus makes the destination comes to you at all cost.

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