Kalinath Kaleshwar Mahadev “The Faith”

People have faith in God mostly in times of problematic situations only, but they just forget Him as soon as they feel happy in their lives. Is it the right way to treat the one we worship? Absolutely not.

It’s not all right done by human beings most of the time. So for real worship, I planned to visit an old temple that was also scripted in the epic tales of Mahabharata. The temple is “Kalinath Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple situated on the banks of the river Vyas.

In the morning, I, and my friend Sumit, packed our accessories, located the place on GPS, and started the hilly ride. As we were in Himachal Pradesh, so hilly roads with ups and downs are obvious, moreover, we saw a monkey, or I can say lots of monkeys on our way to the temple.

Temple was about 100 km. away from Hoshiarpur, where I am living right now. So after tracking the location we somehow reach the banks of river Vyas.

As the temple was approaching, a different feeling of devotion and faith started running inside my body simultaneously.

The view of the temple from the outside was beautiful. We parked our bikes and walked to the temple to do some religious activities. The temple was too small, and the entrance was just a meter wide, which may be very much uncomfortable for the pilgrims who use to rush inside the temple. Anyhow, we managed to enter, and then took a glimpse of the famous Kaleshwar Mahadev Shivling which was about a foot down from the earth’s surface.

The sunshine was in its full glare and the breeze was a bit cold which draws our attention from the sunburn. After prayers, I planned to visit the vicinity of the temple. This place is having a very nice history, a mythological history which was written outside the temple’s premises.

I was eager to go near the river to feel the power of water. As that place is also a cemetery, so I was able to meet a few Patron saints of the cemetery.

A Pile of ashes was lying on the banks of the river, with fresh smoke emerging from it. My friend was a bit nervous at that place because he was afraid of going near the burning corpse. So we left that place quickly after taking a few snaps.

After that, there was a pond (“Kund” in Hindi) which is depicted in Mahabharata, and it is said that at this place, the Pandavas took bath when they were on their way to the Himalayas for taking meditative consciousness.

The crowd of people was drenched in the holy water of that place. The pond was separated for males and females. Water was coming from the mountains.

The localities say that taking a drench at this place gives the same sacrosanct as one gets at holy places like Haridwar and Kashi. So the nearby pilgrims who are not able to visit those far away places can get sacrosanct here.

We took a drench and after taking a meal there, we just started our journey back home. This seems to be a small trip but it made a great impression on our hearts.

It made me realize that in life having all types of amusement, including the worship of our Father, our Lord, not just because someone compels you, but because it make our mind peaceful, which I was feeling now, after visiting Kalinath Kaleshwar Temple.

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