Bidar Fort “The Unplanned Visit”

Bidar Fort

Beauty lies within the ruins

Ruins, which are now a place for public selfies were some beautiful monuments in the past that were considered an art of perfection in architecture. To explore some perfection in human history this time I, Sudeep Bhatta with My Meteor 350 and my mentor Mr. Sreedhar Reddy with his Desert storm 500cc were starting a small bike trip to explore the walls of Bidar fort. For more detailed information on Bidar, you can check Wikipedia.

The morning started at 5:50 am from Kukatpally, Hyderabad. The weather was cold and we were loaded with our camera gadgets.

The meeting point with Sreedhar Sir was at the JNTU Metro Station. He was like always reached the destination on time. The moment was dark and the roads were not much empty. We planned to reach Chincholi first to have some bird photo walk as Sreedhar Reddy sir, is a passionate Bird Photographer and Chincholi wildlife sanctuary is a place near Hyderabad that always attract Birding enthusiast towards itself.

The distance to Chincholi wildlife sanctuary was around 120 kms, so we increased our pace to 80-100kmph on the highway. Soon we reached midway to a Dhaba for morning tea. Enjoyed a bit of hot tea with the cold breeze of the environment.

So on with the feeling of a ride on our Royal Enfield’s, we crossed Zaheerabad and moved towards Chincholi. We took some bottles of water as while doing wildlife, hydration is the most important factor for us to click more and more.

As we were about to reach Chincholi sanctuary, the view was changing from towns to forests. The bit of dense high-rise trees takes our attention. In the middle, Sreedhar sir stopped to capture a few parrots who were doing some private activity. We were mad enough to capture those shots with amusement.

At the entry gate of the Sanctuary, Sreedhar sir asked me to lead the way as I am having my DJI Action Cam on my helmet to capture it. The path towards the parking point was a bit off-road, but our bikes were sturdy enough to cover those.

We parked our bikes at the last point of the sanctuary and started with our cameras. But this was not our day. As soon as we put on our camera gadgets, a man from the forest department office started calling us and asked us to not click any photos of birds. Or we need to take prior permission from the forest officer to have a bird walk. So with a huge disappointment, we packed our cameras into our bags and left the sanctuary.

On the way, we found few views of villagers using pesticides on their fields for saving the crops.

Also met with one old-aged person with his two cows. We took some portrait shots to relieve our pain of not getting a chance to click any birds shot.

Sreedhar sir suddenly asked me if I wanted to visit any archaeological monument. And as a traveler, I cannot deny this type of proposal. The location he said was Bidar Fort, which is about 26 km from Zaheerabad. So, we started our bikes and with maximum pace moved towards Bidar.

In a middle way, Sreedhar sir showed his previous company Mahindra & Mahindra plant in Zaheerabad and shared a few of his best life moments spent at this company which was very inspirational to the point of passion towards work.

In the middle of the way, there was a beautiful monument, white in color and seems a catchy viewpoint while going up, it is the tomb of Hazrath Multani Baba Dargah.

Now we were in Bidar after around half an hour, and with Google Maps we reached the fort compound.

But as we tried to enter the fort compound, the security again restricted us not to carry the camera gear. We both look at each other for the worst day of our lives when we didn’t have a single chance to use our camera to its full potential. We requested the security guard to place our highly expensive camera equipments in their security closet so that we can freely visit the fort.

With lots of disappointment, we placed our camera bags at security and moved inside the fort compound mobile photographers, as this is the only allowed equipment these days to any famous places.

With our mobiles in hand, we entered the grand Castle of Bidar, The Bidar Fort, built by Ala-ud-din Bahman. The details can be seen in Wikipedia.

The views which were now being captured in mobile were beautiful. Every corner there is a monumental moment to catch. The fort is so much big that it is very tough to capture all corners in a short period.

Also, it is the time of noon, so the heat is rising, but the eagerness to capture and capture makes us, click more and more and cover more and more areas.

This starts with the Fort Gate, which is huge. The whole compound is covered with a canal, which may be a way to stop enemy entry to the castle at that time. The view of the fort from the fort gate is beautiful and capture is a must for it.

The view one gate by another was getting better and better. Soon we reached inner Mosque, which is famous for its 16 pillars. The monument was marvelous by its exterior view. With a wide angle focus a large captured area on our mobiles looks stunning.

As far as we move inside, the monumental marvels start appearing in front of us. The fort was built on a huge area, which we can’t even cover with our eyes right around it.

Tiredness was not a part of our life till we got views to capture. Myself and Sreedhar Sir was clicking one shot over other with different angles.

Now it’s the time when we thought of packing up our photography targets as its getting hotter and hotter. So we planned to return back to the parking where we have placed our Royal Bikes.

Now we have started our journey back to the Hyderabad, which was a 125 km ride next to our home. So without wasting unnecessary time we rode towards our homes.

In the midway again, Sreedhar sir suddenly stops. He saw a swan stuck in electrical wire. So we parked our bikes and with using stones and sticks, tried to release it. In a heavy workout and planning of 20 minutes Sreedhar sir achieved to release it. So a very generous act is done by us, but it’s not for any reward, only self-peace.

Now its only highway road and our bikes with full throttle, and in a span of 2 hours we reached our destination Homes with beautiful set of memories.

Bidar is a beautiful place, not much known not much explored, there is also no entry ticket for it. So I suggest travelers coming to this part of India to visit this place by making it on their bucket list.

So this is the end of blog related to the travel experience of Bidar fort.

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