Ananthagiri Hills “The Family Trek”

Travel is not just a feel but an emotion

The travelers will understand the feel, the emotion available with the pathways, and the eagerness to reach the destination.


In a similar way, myself and my wife Sapna Lodh planned to visit a famous trek that every Hyderabadi says about whenever an adventure word comes under discussion. So after a long overnight discussion, we planned to visit the place so that the exploration can be done and also we can make another travel milestone on our travel list.

So the plan was simple, pick up the bike, fuel it with some of the costliest liquid of India, i.e. Gasoline, and then rotate the accelerator and move towards the new desired destination, Ananthagiri Hills.

The starting road of the city was no doubt, great, but as we were approaching the destination, the width was getting decreased moment by moment. Soon we reached a forest area that was filled by trees of eucalyptus.

A nice destination to show some photography skills, as I was with the love of my life, so “Ek Photo to Banta hi Hai Yaar”. So we started clicking each other’s pics and finished in nearly 10-15 minutes.

One important board in the midway we found was quite interesting, and a selfie with it is absolutely necessary. A small town named “Mirjapur” was there in Telangana too, and as Indian web series viewers are very much known to this name Mirjapur with “Kaleen Bhaiya”, “Guddu Bhaiya”, “Munna Bhaiya”, etc. By taking a few selfies, we moved ahead towards the Ananthagiri.

Anantha Padmanabha Temple
Garud Dev

Soon we reached the Anantha Padmanabha Temple, which was a bit crowded with devotees. Initially, we thought it was the destination, but it was just the start of the hills.

So we moved ahead and bypassed some hilly roads, we reached the open parking lot of the Ananthagiri Hills trek starting point. The location was been able to view from a kilometer distance, as the Sunday crowd was overwhelming in that area. So we parked and started our trek to Ananthagiri Hills.

Frankly saying this was just a small place called a hill by the local Telangana people, and the trek was like just a walk in the park, as there was not much elevation on it.

The start was a religious milestone, a Shiva Temple, with a Nandi statue in front of it. My wife Sapna is a very religious lady, not an atheist like me.

As per Hindu tradition, she does some worship and went near the ears of Nandi Maharaj, and whispered something. I really didn’t know what she said but I am 99% sure that she was asking for the betterment of all of us.

Now we started the famous trek of Ananthagiri hills. The path is having very easy visibility, so we moved ahead on the trail on which people are moving.

Sapna was quite a bit excited, as this was the first trail walk with me. So she was progressing through the trail in a fast manner.

And as a husband, I have to carry my 7kg camera bag with a water bottle and umbrella. And also my major activity of clicking the landscape for any great content.

After 5 minutes of trekking, we crossed a small stream of water, which was currently providing a refreshing view. We crossed it and moved to search for the best attraction in Ananthagiri.

As we moved ahead, the crowd quantity was getting reduced. We were surprised, as to why this is happening. Soon we realized that what’s is the reason behind this.

There was rain coming, and we were unaware of it. As soon as we reached the end destination of the Ananthagiri Hills, the rain accelerates in a manner that people are just running to get shade under any tree so that they can be spared from the wetness of the rain.

My wife was in full mood to enjoy the rain, and per practicality, I have to use my umbrella to give shade to my wife, I was giving shade to myself, more so ever my camera bag, as its a bit costly to make it wet in rain.

I saw people just looking at my behavior of leaving my wife in rain and getting only myself under my camera. Few people also said in a whisper that ” Apni biwi ko bhiga rtaha hai aur khud baarish se bacha hua hai”.

Moreover, we thought the trek is over but we were literally not happy as this was not the trek we were listening to all these days from the local friends. So suddenly we saw a few people taking an alternative route towards the top of the hill from some unconditioned trail, and so we decided to move ahead.

So we started the elevation with the muddy trail which is quite slippery. So we watched our steps one after another.

These extra efforts for some unplanned route changes were a bit scary at the start because the people whom we were following suddenly vanished. But we gathered some courage as usual and moved ahead, and the result was really awesome with the weather we were in.

In front of us was a watch tower at the top of the hill and it was our turn to climb on it and watch the full Ananthagiri hills from it in one single sight.

After spending a small amount of time at the top of the hilly range, it’s time to come down and start our trail to conclude our trek.

The water stream which was clear at the initial stage, now after rain is with more flow and muddy water. We stayed there for some time and enjoyed the water flow and then moved ahead.

Now after a few minutes of walking, we reached the bike parking and received our bikes, which were completely washed after the rains.

So overall the trek was enjoyable, as the rain makes it worth it, and the most entertaining part was the reroute to the watch tower, which totally changed our perspective of Ananthagiri Hills.

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