Charminar “The Symbol of Hyderabad”

Hyderabad, is a city of pearls or a city of Nizams. This is currently my current location on the day I am writing this blog. I always wondered to visit Hyderabad from the perspective of a traveler. But all the previous times I tried to visit the city, I always ended up with just official work and then a return flight, not a single time I get a chance to explore Hyderabad.

Due to the job switch, I got this opportunity to live in Hyderabad for the next few years, so now it’s time to really explore the city, and my first target is the famous Charminar.

Charminar is a world-renowned monument that is a symbol of Hyderabad, and it only represents Hyderabad all over the world. I started my trip from my home at Kukatpally at 6 am. I rented a bike from VOGO and continued my journey.

As I am always a lover of google maps so I followed it. In the morning the breeze was fabulous and makes me feel some old memories of when I used to do extreme traveling. Till now I didn’t remember the names of most places as I am just a week old in this city. Also as a north Indian guy, remembering South Indian names are a bit tough.

After coming from the cleanest city in India i.e. Indore, which is a small city, the roads of Hyderabad look wide, which I was loving the ride. The feeling of riding a two-wheeler on 4 lane road was unexplainable. Hyderabad is a city from India’s perspective but is divided into two areas, Secunderabad and Hyderabad. So I am riding from Secunderabad towards Hyderabad where Charminar is located.

After riding for around half an hour, I reached Charminar. The vicinity around Charminar gives a feel of the old city, the roads started to shrink, and there are markets all around which I can compare with Cannaught Place of New Delhi.

As the market is not fully opened till now, so I got the wonderful opportunity to enter the Charminar area with my ride.

The far visibility of the monument gives relief of achieving the destination. This feeling is incomparable. So I speeded up to cross the Police barricade and reached the final destination.

For me the visuals of Charminar were stunning, may not be for the other people roaming around, but I can feel the goosebumps for the Historical building.

I will not move to writing the history of Charminar as you can easily get it from Wikipedia.
Due to the current covid scenario, the facility to climb the upper floors of Charminar is prohibited now, maybe it will open soon then I may write another blog on the inner beauties of Charminar.

As usual, there is a base and 4 minarets at 4 corners of it. The building is huge. As per the morning scenario, there is a preparation going on to open the market, and in a few hours, it’s going to be the crowdest place in the entire Hyderabad.

There were some famous shops all around, so I chose to drink a cup of tea. I stayed there for an hour just to watch the monument and surrounding people.

As usual, in this era of the digital screen age, people tried to capture their best selfies with different poses. For some people, it may feel stupid, but I think it’s good, as this thing gives an inner satisfaction to them, which will enhance the behavioral development of their inner self, and each and every human being started loving himself.

So this is how I feel about the small morning visit to Charminar of Hyderabad, one of my dream monuments for so many years.

Hope the visit will inspire more people to travel across their cities and capture the finest poses of the monument and showcase it in front of the world by the means of social media and prove that India is the best place to live, eat, and travel.

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